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new song out

2009-07-21 17:26:47 by dynomite716

check out new song beats keep marchin'

click here

and my WaKe project is having some problems so this song serves as a waiting song enjoy it!!! :3


2009-07-07 11:37:42 by dynomite716


My next song is out

2008-11-10 19:20:03 by dynomite716

This thing is awesome watch it
oh and listen to my song my editing for the first 20 seconds kinda messed up some how kinda......

/* */
i like this picture too

My next song is out


2008-10-14 06:55:39 by dynomite716

hola !

any type of song suggestions TYPE of song rock techno or anything else
my mood is sort of like 4 dimensional i feel spaced out and bored

6th song clears dark mood phase

:( sad

2008-08-26 22:21:00 by dynomite716

6th song will come im in a dark mood for no apperant reason and i spelt apperant wrong the red line says so the picture says im in a dark mood

:( sad

first song

2008-08-26 21:52:02 by dynomite716

i finished my first music project and hope to finish my next soon